4040 TorrX Smart Ball Pump

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Take the guessing out of your game with the most widely used professional ball pump. Accurate and easy to use, the TorrX smart ball pump inflated or deflates each ball to the desired pressure automatically. No more squeezing, spiking, bouncing, or guessing. You know the ball pressure is perfect every time.

In auto mode, the TorrX Smart Ball Pump will accurately inflate or deflate to your target pressure. You can rest assured that the game ball is perfect and that you can focus, not on the ball but, on the game.

Will top off more than 50 soccer balls on a single charge. Micro-USB charging cable included. Fully recharge the battery from zero in 2 hours. Portable and lightweight, it stores safely in a backpack, glovebox, ball bag, or equipment kit.

• Easy and convenient
• AUTO and MANUAL modes
• Auto Mode for the same pressure every time you top off a ball
• Plus or minus buttons to inflate or deflate your ball
• LED digital display shows current and target pressure in PSI or BAR
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges fully in as little as 2 hours
• A single charge can inflate up to 50 balls
• Snug contoured cap fits the ball and protects the needle
• Micro-USB charging cable (included) charges long-life lithium-ion battery
• Perfect size for a backpack or gym bag

• 9.25″L X 1.75″W



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