1527 ErvoCom Referee Paging System

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The ErvoCom Electronic Paging System Flag Set is the professional gold standard. Developed to enhance focus on the game, it allows assistant referees to communicate instanting with referees via radio transmission. Furthermore, each flag has its own unique ID to send electronic signals to the referee, reducing communication mistakes. Signal volume and tone adjustments can be configured directly for each flag, plus the bi-directional communication means that as soon as the signal has been received by the pager the referee gets an immediate acknowledgement. This is the highest standard of referee communication in the game.

Flag set includes 2 flags, 1 receiver with arm strap, a padded case, and spare replacement screws plus screwdriver.

• Highest communication standard
• Transmission acknowledgement of messages
• Ergonomic pager shape for better user comfort
• Detachable arm band
• Battery check at turn-on
• No interference between different systems, more systems can be used within the same area.
• Automatic shutdown if the pager has not been used for a long time
• Volume adjustment at 3 steps
• 3 different tones, configurable on every single flag
• Freely configurable flags
• Improved battery performance for longer usage
• Additional flags can be added to the system, for a maximum of ten

NOTE: Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.