7018B GRIPCAGE Holster Black

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The patent-pending green GRIPCAGE™ fits a RefEDGE PRO™ 3.2 oz. can perfectly. The GRIPCAGE stores the RefEDGE PRO™ can quickly and easily in one of three ways: slide it in the top, snap it in directly sidewards, or put the can bottom in first and click the top in upright. With the matching patent-pending VersiClip belt clip, the holster can be positioned in four ways: locked vertically, locked horizontally right-handed, locked horizontally left-handed, or free swinging. (One VersiClip™ belt clip included.)

• Three can holding options
• Can retrieval is super easy and quick
• Choose from four different holster positions
• Comes with one VersiClip™ belt clip
• Also available in green

• 2.2" x 1.7" x 4.9"