Special Dallas Cup tips from FIFA Referee Jennifer Garner and PRO Referee Adam Garner:

·         Prepare for both winter and summer temperatures!  Dallas can have drastic weather changes this time of year, you might need warm layers in the morning and sunblock in the


·         Bring a windbreaker!  Strong wind gusts are common in Dallas in the spring, and the wind is always stronger at the field than at your hotel.  Be prepared and pack a jacket.

·         The Dallas Cup is an exceptional community experience, enjoy it by taking advantage of as many social events as you can!  The Dallas Cup feels like a wonderful family reunion,

          the various get togthers are a great way to meet new friends and spend time with old ones.

·         Bring an outfit for the Referee Reception Party!  One of the best times at the Dallas Cup, this party always has a theme and is always a blast.  This year’s theme is “Bring Back

          the 90’s” – prepared accordingly.


Set yourself up for success while officiating multi-game days at the field –


Here are some tips on what to pack and how to best keep organized.

·         Prepare for all types of weather with light layers and a windy & water resistant jacket.

·         Check out the #1434 Valkeen Whistle, a pro referee favorite that is loud enough to hear over the busiest of field set-ups

·         Use pack-it folders #1690 to keep uniform shirts wrinkle free in your bag.

·         Use accessory bags #1612CL or #1617CL to keep small gear organized and easy to find in your bag at the field.

·         Use our #1601 Pro Shoe Bag or our #1600 Sac Pak to best transport your dirty ref shoes.

·         Consider our new #1302CL Compression Socks to add some support for those multi-game days.

·         Consider using the #1675CL Rolling Ref Bag or the #1640CL Backpack for those long hikes from the parking lot.


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