1973 Spintso 2X Watch

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Same great functions as the PRO #1970 model with a 20% smaller display and a bip-sound alarm instead of vibration.

Spintso calls this the most advanced referee watch in the world! Four game timers work automatically together in one system during the match. Preset the number of periods, minutes of play and break times then just press the start button to get them all going at once. Counting additional time automatically happens during the match when you use the start/stop button. Furthermore, a bip-sound alarm reminds you of every start and stop occasion, every 10 second when time is stopped, to start the watch again, when period is ended and when period break time is ended.

• Referee Mode
• Four simultaneous timers:
  One counting up (rolls all the time)
  One counting down (stops for additional time)
  One counting additional time (start when you stop the match time)
  One watch for the break time
• Training Mode (smart interval functions, count-down and count-up)
• Stopwatch Mode
• Ordinary watch mode
• Wake up function
• 99 Laps Memory
• Bip-Sound Function
• Backlight
• 50 City World Time
• 12/24 Hour Formats
• Battery Power Indicator
• Vibrant blue accents for added color

Check out the video below to see how great this watch is.




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