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1972 Spintso PDA Basic Pak

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A Multi-functional timekeeping device that can record sound. Allows communication between Spintso units and clearly displays notes that are easily read. Offers a quick connection to electronic reporting systems, such as the Swedish Fogis system. Five stopwatches in one window offer both timekeeping and countdown of match time as well as indicating extra time when time is stopped. A separate stopwatch keeps track of the half-time interval. The stopwatch changes color when full time for each half is reached. A vibration that reminds the referee when time is stopped, for example, due to player injury etc. Spintso captures sound and the voices of the referee and players close to him/her throughout the match. The sound capture function is in operation the entire time from when the Spintso unit is switched on until it is turned off. To store a sequence of captured sound the referee simply presses the recording button. This stores the previous 30 seconds and the next 30 seconds of sound in the memory. This function allows referees to analyze their own performance but it also has a preventive function, namely that players refrain from certain comments and abuse when they know that they are being recorded. The Bluetooth function allows several Spintso units to communicate with each other. Match notes can be transmitted between the units. A built in vibrator and beep system draws attention to the unit and allows contact between refereeing personnel. The basic pak comes with PDA, adapters which make it simple to attach the whistle to the top of the unit (three different attachments are included with the SPINTSO PDA and its adapter, one of which should suit your whistle), an optional fingergrip attachment for a more secure fit, USB cable to connect PDA to your computer and a European wall charger. (US adapter not included.)

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